Training couch potatoes to Fitness Fanatics in Bury, Rochdale, Heywood, Littleborough, Middleton and more.... Need help? Either general fitness/weight loss or professional fitness, email:

Irfan Qureshi from Dynamic Fitness Dublin
, now in Mancheser, has helped many people to transform their lives through Personal Training and Boot Camps in the past who were looking either for general fitness or to achieve their specific goals or weight loss. But above all, the goal setting and motivation are the most important objects. For a healthy lifestyle, get involved into our fitness training in Greater Manchester area at various venues. If you have any queries, feel free to email

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Why to choose Irfan Qureshi?

• High profile Personal Trainer Irfan, will keep you very well motivated in Fitness Classes,
Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camps and Personal Training and always there to support clients
and participants

• Most of our clients stay with us longer which proves the quality training by Irfan Qureshi

• Irfan is flexible in attendance and always has alternatives

• Free diet/nutrition tips, assessment, techniques to turn you into a fat burning machine

• All of our classes and boot camps are “state of complete physical and mental well-being”
and our unique training and effective techniques are always different that you don’t lose
interest and stay motivated

• There is no fixed start and finish date, you can join us any time

• All of our participants and clients get 20% to 50% discount in learning running techniques,

body mechanics, running nutrition, apparels and shoes etc.

• We provide very economical but very effective and result orientated personal training home

sessions to those who prefer to exercise in privacy of their own home.

• Early morning sessions; start at 6am and ends 10am

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