For years I joined class after class gym after gym until finally I came across Dynamic Fitness. With Irfan’s enthusiasm, energy and love for his work I'd finally found the class right for me. A class that was great fun but also got great results from work put in. I was devastated when Irfan moved to Manchester as I had attended his classes for nearly 3 years. The goals I reached that I thought were never possible are all down to Irfan hard work. He goes above and beyond to help you. I’m now geared up and doing Dublin Marathon on 27th October 2014 which was impossible in my life before. I'm very jealous of his clients in the new classes in Manchester as they don't know what exciting and fulfilling times are ahead of them!  (4/08/2014) Aoife Redican

Irfan's expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement kept me training on a consistent basis for over 3 years, 3 days a week (at least!). I couldn't recommend him more highly. We miss him here in Dublin but he has motivated us to continue training after his move to Manchester-not many people have the power to do that!  (05/08/2014) Yvette

Motivational, encouraging, dedicated, hard working, inspiration, friendly! A few words to describe a truly inspirational teacher; I have Trained with dynamic fitness for the past 3 years, to say i enjoyed going Training seems crazy but it's true not once did I feel like I wanted to give up and that was all down to the motivation and encouragement of a wonderful teacher. I never in my life thought I would be considering a half Marathon this year (September 20th 2014) but yes again as crazy as it sounds I've worked towards it and still am but none of this would be Possible for me if it wasn't for again an Inspirational Teacher Irfan.

We enjoyed every Saturday morning with boot camp where Irfan would have different Circuits laid on, using Power Resistors (harness), resistance bands, cones you name the unusual and he had it. We were all truly sorry to see Irfan part ways with us all, but if you are looking to get fit and healthy, he most certainly is your answer!  Happy Training guys :-) (04/08/2014) Elaine Garland

I started running for the first time 18 months ago at age 35. I had never even jogged 1km in my life before this and was very apprehensive about starting. Irfan is a fantastic coach, very patient and very motivational. Over the past 18 months he structured training plans through his company Dynamic Fitness to develop my running style, distance running, hill repetitions, and aerobic training, all which improved my cardio and most importantly the belief and motivation within myself to run my first 5k and then 10k. I will continue to run thanks to Irfan.
Irfan’s approach to training novice and experienced runners is fun yet challenging. I like to compare him to "Mr. Motivator"!  (03/08/2014) Estelle Roche

I trained with Irfan / Dynamic Fitness for two years in Dublin. Would have been longer only for moving away. He was always very patient and encouraging, took a nice interest in everyone's development and encouraged us to get out and get more and more active. The sessions were great fun and something we have all stuck with, long-term. It's not a short-term thing but a healthy lifestyle.

Training with Dynamic Fitness has made me stronger and given me greater energy. Before, I could barely do one press-up. Now, I can rattle off multiple sets in a training session, not a bother! I also watched the others I trained with really flourish and go from couch potatoes to committed runners, and fitness fanatics, which was lovely to see.  There ya go :-)  (04/08/2014) Fionnuala Dorney

After over a year avoiding any kind of consistent exercise, I knew help was required to get back into running. Working with Irfan was the best fitness related decision I made this year - in less than 8 weeks I was half-marathon-ready! Our weekly sessions gave me the motivation and focus and structured approach to training that I needed. In addition to a weekly program to follow, in between meetings Irfan was ‘on-call’ to check progress and provide a steady stream of encouragement. Overall a big success and I look forward to working with Irfan again in the near future. (04/11/2013) Jennifer Daly

I was working hard on my runs and my abs/hips but wasn't getting anywhere. I took 6 supervised sessions with Irfan Qureshi (Dynamic Fitness Personal Trainer) which made the huge difference of 45 seconds per mile for 5 mile race and I lost 2 inches from hips and now on my way to a flat ab. I would recommend anyone who wants to work faster and smarter on their fitness, must have a few sessions with this Personal Trainer.
Susan McSweeney

During my injury, I really needed the guidance that at least I could keep my aerobic fitness and if possible and some strength. Irfan Qureshi (Personal Trainer) was amazing not only in helping me to keep my 75% fitness during my injury and recovery period, he also showed me very simple ways to keep myself going without worrying much about starting hard workouts after recovery. When I started my workouts after recovery, I felt that I was never injured.
(16/07/2013)  Michael Johnston

I'm a professional sports person and some of the fitness requirements were the criteria to keep my current position or else I would lose. Irfan Qureshi (Personal Trainer) really did the magic and helped me in more than 8 sessions but the results were amazing. I couldn't believe that I didn't only regain my form but was performing 200%. I wish this great trainer all the best for his future.
(17/05/2013) Keith Miller

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