The key to success in any of your exercise programme will be to set you your goals and keep focusing on them. It all depends on your motivation that how fast you achieve your goals but you need to set your clear and realistic goals first, to follow the road to success.

S = pecific
M = easurable
A = greed
R = ealistic
T = ime framed


Sit down and write that what exactly your want to achieve through your training programme but please avoid vague statements such as 'bulk up' or 'want to be strong' etc. Because you'll not be able to focus on your mind to achieve the goals you want. You goals should include i.e. 'how much lean muscle mass you want', 'what should be the fat ratio' and 'what bone density you want'. You can also write down your desired body measurements and what type of weight you should be able to lift which you can't lift right now etc.

To help, make your goals clearer and also mentioned that why do you want to achieve them such as want to change lifestyle, want to be a body builder, required better sports performance or want more strength. Push beyond superficial reasons and find the inner motivations that are driving your goals. This is the fact that internal motivation drives you to success.


You need to measure your progress. Unlike your long-term goals, short-term goals must be more specific in terms of your body weight and fat measurements, and the weight you want to lift or the strength you want to achieve. For example, you may set a goal of 70 kg for your maximal bench press, or reduce your waist 1 inch. To monitor your progress, you should keep your track record for the exact weight lifted, no of repetitions and the sets completed and check them weekly and compare with the week went by. You can use the comparison of each week to set the long term goal


To get the best and faster results, discuss your goals with someone who is a qualified instructor/personal trainer. To show commitment for a change, write down your exercise programme on paper and use them as your mission statement: sign and date whatever you have written. Again, recommended to ask someone qualified to help reviewing your exercise programme. Place your written programme somewhere where you can see it every day.


Your goals should be attainable and realistic to suit your body size, shape and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong aiming to become a world champion but at the same time, be realistic and see what they have done in their life to achieve the gold medal, then compare with your start and measure that how much time and energy you have to follow a similar path.

Time Framed

Write down a clear time frame to reach you goals. Decide and write down the deadline because setting a deadline will prompt action and you will be able to plan in motion. Without setting out a deadline, you might end up putting off starting your programme and will never achieve your goal. Once your major goals are fixed, set short-goals, which can be achieved relatively in short period of time and long term plans could take longer. You may even find to break your long-term plan into short-term segments to make it easy to act and focus each week's progress.

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