We provide Personal Training Sessions outdoor, and also at clients' premises specially to those who prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home.

Importance of a Personal Trainer

A Qualified Personal Trainer is a very well trained person who is well educated to help you achieving results in most effective ways for your health & fitness and exercise goals quickly and safely.
What results can you expect from your Personal Trainer

Create your nutritional plan based on your personal goal
Learn how you can turn your body into a fat burning machine
Loose 1-2 pounds per week of your body fat and keep it for life
Find out how to get the maximum results out of the least amount of exercise time
Have the body you have always wanted, be in better shape at 40 or 50 then you were in 20
Fit in the dress you’ve always dreamed of, go down 4 dress sizes or change your waist from 38" you’ve been for 5 years
Get the motivation and inspiration you need to stick with your program

Specialised Treatment Programs developed for individual needs

Learn how to recover from an injury and how to prevent from injury in future. Learn how to adapt a program.
One-on-One personalised coaching to athletes

Combining our sport knowledge, application of sports psychology and the most recent published research, we’ll prepare you for the optimum fitness/performance. You’ll see improvements in your athletic skills and performance with unique conditioning, strength, agility and flexibility exercises. You’ll not only become a better athlete but you’ll reduce likelihood of injury. With academic training in exercise science, nutrition, fitness assessment, exercise programming and instructional training techniques, Dynamic Fitness will help with; - Orthopedic Injuries - Osteoporosis - Sports Injuries - Neurological Disorders - Muscles Imbalance - Professionals - Post Surgical Rehab - Experienced - Arthritis - Sports Specific

If you think any of above can help you then don't hesitate to book your appointment or talk to me before booking your appointment.

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