Irfan Qureshi, The Personal Trainer of Dynamic Fitness has been involved in sports and fitness industry for over 22 years. He qualified as sports coach in 1987 and fitness instructor in 1992 and worked on and off within the industry until 1999. Furthermore, he upgraded his qualification as an ITEC Gym/Studio Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Dublin in 2008 and since then he is working with clients from general fitness to sports specific to individuals, groups, classes, GAA clubs, older adults, corporate and professional athletes.

Apart from working with other corporates, he also worked with Ulsterbank Corporate gym from May 2012 to June 2014 as a Manager/Personal Training/Sport Event Organiser, helping staff in their optimum fitness and getting them involved in sporting events, while carrying out staff surveys of activity & well-being programme preferences, marketing and promotion liaison with property and security manager. Also ran quite a few fitness weekends i.e. walking tours, running events, boot camps and hiking etc. events successfully. He is known as "Mr. Motivator" among fitness people and very popular in fitness fanatics circle.  Irfan recently (July 2014) moved to Greater Manchester UK and will be helping and training many couch potatoes to running marathons and to help people for either general or sports specific people.  Irfan can help people to lose weight that can be sustained while educating people about their own anatomy and physiology with lots of diet and nutrition tips and tricks.

Furthermore, to understand people/clients emotions and to work more effectively from psychological point of view, Irfan completed one year certificate course in "Counselling and Therapeutic Studies" 2014, which really proved an asset in working with clients especially vulnerable clients.

Irfan has been actively involved in sports and fitness industry for over 22 years.  Irfan has run several short distance to middle distance road races in 1980’s and 1990’s. He has been involved in rock climbing and mountaineering, also traveled through the Rocky Mountains in the north of Pakistan. He started middle distance running in early 90’s, turned into a marathoner eventually. Irfan has been running  track & field, trail and road races from short distance to marathons/ultra-marathons in many countries of Europe.

You will guarantee benefit from Irfan and his group of fitness professionals in various aspects of fitness and well-being because the claim of running even a highly over-weight person to run 10K to marathons was always proved in past witnessed by dozens of people.  This also helped people to lose weight and to achieve their optimum fitness which unlocked the secret of their own fitness and potential that opened new horizons.

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